SOUNDRISE: New release date!

My latest novel, SOUNDRISE, didn’t appear on its predicted debut date, Jan. 19. But now we have a new release date–Feb.28. Better late than never. The reason the book didn’t show up on it’s original release date was that the printer hadn’t sent it to the sellers by then. Needless to say, after emailing people and putting up messages on Facebook and Twitter, I was not pleased. But now we have a new date. It’s a great book with adventure and urban fantasy and it’s been getting great reviews (mainly on Goodreads).

Explanation: The book manufacturing industry is in a total flux due to COVID-19. People aren’t in the warehouses to box and ship the books, dates keep getting pushed back, and less-known books like SOUNDRISE end up at the end of the line. But now it’s going to go on sale. Get in line and order it from an online bookseller or pick it up at any store that’s stocking it. (My publisher doesn’t know what stores are going to pick it up.)

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