How Soundrise came to be

I’ve always been a compulsive fan of books about ancient Egypt, and I read one that mentioned a rather strange method that the Egyptians used to lift heavy boulders and perhaps to construct the Pyramids. I let that ferment in the back of my mind, while I was writing something about computer nerds who stay up all night working on their code. (The sound of my husband tap-tapping on his keyboard while I was drifting off to sleep was the inspiration for the first chapter.)

My love for all things Egyptian was the main subject in my book The God’s Wife, which was one of my books preceding Soundrise. I had to find a way to link the two subjects—technology and Egypt–into one plot. It wasn’t easy.

I’m not technologically adept in any way, and I had to get all the Internet information from my husband, Brad Blumenthal, who has made a career out of computers and Internet architecture. I just listened to his descriptions and then went to my own computer to create the world of Derek Nilsson, a programmer with lots of problems.

Derek knows nothing about Egypt and here I had to link my vast knowledge of the ancient world of the Nile. I linked some information I had of the Egyptian gods and goddesses to come up with a brilliant goddess who has information that Derek is looking for (although he doesn’t know it). But I also made her evil—part of a past that has long since faded away and can no longer be trusted.

I also wanted to write about my Swedish heritage and found ways to make Derek’s family come to life. Swedish culture is in many of the subplots.

And, of course, I needed to show how a tech nerd like Derek can become fully human and fall in love. So there is a love story running through the book that surprised me in its ability to change Derek from a guy who “doesn’t get it,” to a romantic man.

All these bits and pieces fit together—along with a look at depression and alcoholism—into a book that has many bits of adventure and emotion.

I am pleased with the result. I hope you will be too.

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