Soundrise reviews

Advance Praise

“Lynn Voedisch’s Soundrise is a fast, fun run through the strange and mystical, with a unique cast of characters who keep things jumping, and more plot twists than you can count. Put it all together and you have a great read!” —Renee James,
Author of Seven Suspects, A Kind of Justice,Transition to Murder, Coming Out Can Be Murder

Soundrise by Lynn Voedisch is a compelling mashup of a post-modern Mr. Robot and the search for an ancient scientific breakthrough that could change the world. It’s also the story of a young man who finds himself by facing the physical and emotional dangers of that search. Part sci-fi, part romance, part mystery, Soundrise delivers a well-written, exciting, and surprisingly poignant story that will leave you thinking about the characters well after you’ve read the last page.”
—Libby Fischer Hellmann
Author of Jump Cut 

“I loved this new novel by Lynn Voedisch. I was pulled into the plot by how she created fully formed characters right off the bat. Each of the people she renders balance real life conflicts that all of us can relate to as they shoulder some of the most mysterious circumstances I’ve come across in fiction. Her characters (both men and women share the limelight) tackle everything from what’s the best road food on a long drive … to the complexities of dark web computer coding and the magical powers of ancient Egyptian royalty. Soundrise was a fun read, both smart and lively. I recommend it.”
—John Straley
Author of What Is Time To A Pig, and The Woman Who Married a Bear

Soundrise is an original story with engaging characters that anyone with a taste for plausible fantasy will want to read.”
— Windy City Reviews

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