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Many of the people think “the truth is out there” about extra-terrestrials and alien spacecraft (and I consider myself on the fence on this issue). They are deciding to do something about the long history of government denials and possible cover-ups. They plan to build an E.T.-catcher of sorts—a satellite that will capture information and images that suggest alien spaceship behavior. The CubeSat for Disclosure, which is still awaiting crowdfunding for its $50,000 budget, will beam information to local citizens and bypass government bodies.

Dave Cote, the prime mover behind the CubeSat project, is a Canadian who is sick of listening to government denials of E.T.s that have been reported by various believable sources.

“We have former astronauts, military personnel, police officers, and the former defense minister of Canada come forward stating that extraterrestrial UFOs are real, and that we are being visited,” Cote said in a press release. “How can this be ignored or brushed off as nonsense?”
video of CubeSat (warning, this is long)
He says the CubeSat will be put into low orbit and use infrared, electromagnetic and radiation sensors, as well as two cameras set to photograph at 360 degrees.

“Maybe we’ll get data readings and pictures of solar-flared-caused auroras; maybe we’ll capture images of some very interesting meteors; and maybe, we’ll actually capture a verifiable craft,” Cote said. “All we can do is try, and by doing this our way, we can open-source the data to you, the individuals.”

The nano-satellite will have an orbital lifespan of about three months before it burns up on reentry, so Cote better get a lot of data in a short amount of time.

The government of any country will not be able to hide the data, he told the Huffington Post.

“This is all ours,” he told the news service.

It’s certainly worth a try because the U.S. government has been notorious in refusing to release information on cited UFOs, leading to such cult groups as believers in the recently revived “The X-Files.” The authorites can’t say everyone who’s seen an odd craft in the sky is crazy. Whether they’ve seen evidence of extraterrestrial life is another, arguable subject.

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