Hark! The Spirits of Literature call!

Around this time of year, authors sometimes start thinking of writing about angels. They are such enchanting creatures. They linger here as messengers from God and bringers of light.

I found myself reading “Faithful: A Novel,” by one of my favorite authors, Alice Hoffman, that is suddenly infused with angel imagery. It made me think back to the time in the late ’90s when there was an honest-to-goodness angel fad. You could hardly find a calendar that didn’t feature twelve months of angels. Or pick up a romance paperback that didn’t have an angel hovering over a couple fated for each other.


The angel Gabriel in Eastern Orthodox form.

I had had an idea for angel book long before the fad started, but I completed “Excited Light” (not on Story Plant books, but published independently) in 2006. That was right at the tail end of the angel binge period and I’m afraid not too many people were interested anymore. I still stand by my work.

However, in the world of fantasy literature, angels are not only popular, but they are almost unrecognizable. They command whole worlds and do battle with one another. They are huge and weild terrific powers. Nowhere is the little cherub playing a violin that was so popular in late ’90s art.

I’m not inclined to read about angels of this sort, but it does cheer my heart that someone is taking them seriously. In the books I’m working on for Story Plant publications have nothing to do with angels whatsoever. But now, I’m thinking of a way to put these sublime beings into the storyline. In no way am I thinking of doing a whole book about angels. The market won’t hold for that. But as additional characters, they can only do good.

I supposed it’s the season that’s making me think back to how wonderful it feels to write about angels. And no one can make fun of me because it’s Fantasy! I never imagined them to be dainty and meek, always powerful and aware. They’d be welcome additions to my word of fantastic and dream imagery.


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